Our Newest Products!

Our Newest Products!


We are happy to introduce our newest products. The pillow cushions are made of vintage Palestinian dresses. It is a lot of work put in to these beautiful cases.

The pouches for water are a handy little thing. For those of you who read Arabic it actually says ‘Maa’, ماء, water on the bags.

Place your order at idnacooperative@gmail.com

Pillow caseWater

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We are already in February but it`s never to late to say Happy New Year! We started the new year passing 4000 likes on our Facebook page! Thanks to all new followers and thanks to all the old ones! We appreciate every like, comment and sharing! We love you all and are so grateful for your support! We are all hoping to see you in Hebron and Idna soon!

A lot has happend since last update in July. We have finally upgraded the Center in Idna, which was much needed and made possible and funded by Polish Aid. Every room is now in use and the women working here seems very pleased and happy with the changes.

Nawal has been a couple of times outside of Palestine promoting Women in Hebron. In October she went to the UK for almost three weeks, which she repeated earlier in January and February. So far the response to her visit has been amazing and we are already looking forward to the next travel abroad for her. Maybe you will be there?

Meanwhile the girls at the center are coming up with new designs and products. We are all looking forward to share them with you!

All the best!

Project Announcement: Developing the Polish Market

Project Announcement: Developing the Polish Market

The Idna Cooperative Association for Embroidery and Handicrafts also known as Women in Hebron, is pleased to announce the start of an exciting new project aimed at developing sustainable ties with the emerging Polish market for international fair-trade goods and handicraft products for Palestine.

In the early summer of 2014, our Cooperative was awarded a substantial grant is made possible by the people of Poland through their Representative Office to Palestine in Ramallah. The grant will focus on training, product development and much-needed upgrades at the office of our Cooperative center to meet the needs of our expanding operation.

Women in Hebron is also pleased to announce a new partnership with the Aleph Foundation of Warsaw, which since 2013 has recruited skilled Polish volunteers to work with our Cooperative in Hebron district, and has also organized our participation in the Jagellonian Fair in Lublin, Warsaw this August 15th-17th along with an extended speaking tour.

Our Cooperative is pleased to forge ties with the people of Poland, who have shared with Palestinians a love and cultivation of their folk-art and handicraft heritage as part of their national identity through centuries of seeking national self-determination.

For more information on volunteering, distributing products and our participation in the Jagellonian Fair in Lublin this August, contact the Aleph Foundation at aleph@alephfoundation.org.

What happened in July

What happened in July

It has been a busy time for the Women’s Cooperative. Nawal and Yafa have just returned from  the UK trip which was very productive, and members of the cooperative are getting ready for a trip to a Workshop of Culture in Lublin Poland next month.

During the UK trip, Nawal spoke of life under occupation to audiences of various ages and backgrounds and both Nawal and Yafa promoted and successful secured sales of some of the beautiful products made by the women of Idna.

Well done to all involved and  particular thanks must go  to the women working at the cooperative who worked extra long hours to get the products ready for the trip.

August also promises to be a exciting time for the Women’s cooperative. Workshop  of Culture, a Polish NGO based  in Lublin, Poland, has invited four persons from the Palestinian Territories to participate in the Jagiellonian Fair, which takes place from August 11th -21st 2014.

The Jagiellonian Fair combines historical fair with contemporary cultural an economic exchange between Eastern, western and southern Europe. The fair includes presentations, concerts, performances, exhibitions, workshops and also facilitates broader education and promotion of traditional culture. The fair therefore  provides a wonderful opportunity for the women of Idna to showcase their beautiful work. It also provides  an opportunity for the women of Idna to tell the story of life under occupation. Work is currently taking place in the cooperative to secure travel visas for the visit.

Equally exciting, is that work is about to commence on renovating part of the Cooperative building in order to improve the kitchen area and to create a nursery room. The renovation work will be partly funded by Polish Aid, a Polish based NGO.  Polish Aid have also undertaking to fund two training programmes for the women at the cooperative; one in  leadership and the second in  Machine training The women  of Idna  Cooperative would like to offer a big thank  you to  Polish Aid.


Nawal and Yaffa are off to the UK!

Nawal and Yaffa are off to the UK!

Nawal and her daughter Yaffa headed for the Jordanian boarder early this morning packed full of products and excitement for their arrival to London this evening!  If you’re around the UK in the next to weeks Women in Hebron would love to see you at one of these locations where Nawal will be giving presentations and selling products from the old standard Keffiyeh to the newest products like pencil bags and Keffiyeh Kats!

Saturday, June 14th – Arrival in London!

Sunday, June 15th – Wales, Knighton (Solidary Groups, inc Knighton and Llanidloes)

Monday, June 16th – Wales, Knighton (Solidary Groups, inc Knighton and Llanidloes)

Tuesday, June 17th – Leeds (Leeds PSC and Sheffield PSC)

Wednesday, June 18th – Leeds (Leeds PSC/Leeds Met University)

Thursday, June 19th – Leeds

Friday, June 20th – Bristol (Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine)

Saturday, June 21st – Bristol (The Palestine Museum)

Sunday, June 22nd – Bristol

Tuesday, June 24th – London (London ISM)

Wednesday, June 25th – London (House of Commons, Westminster)

Thursday, June 26th – London (Arab British Centre)

Friday, June 27th – Birmingham (Birmingham Uni PSC)

Saturday, June 28th – Birmingham

Monday, June 30th – London (Palestine Exploration Fund)

Tuesday, July 1st – Back to Idna!


Find more information here!  And be sure to Like us on Facebook.


Palestinian Women’s Handcrafts Fair in Ramallah

Palestinian Women’s Handcrafts Fair in Ramallah

It’s been a busy week for Women in Hebron because we have representatives attending two different handcraft fairs to exhibit our products. Here is a photo of our booth at the fair in Ramallah.

We want to thank all of our friends for your continued support of Women in Hebron and hope that you are enjoying all the traditions and celebrations that are meaningful to you this spring!


EAPPI visit in the Cooperative

EAPPI visit in the Cooperative

Last Saturday (29/03/2014) a few friends from Ecumenical Accompaniers from The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) visited us in Idna!

They talked long with Nawal and some of our volunteers about the Women Cooperative, Idna and the problems that we are facing every day.

The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI)  is an international observer programme run by the World Council of Churches. “Ecumenical Accompaniers” or “EAs” walk Palestinian children to school in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, accompanying them on the often perilous journey past settlements. They also get up at 3am to monitor checkpoints, and file reports to the United Nations and other organisations on human rights violations such as house demolitions or settler violence. They also monitor demonstrations by Israeli and Palestinian peace groups. (source: http://blog.eappi.org/about/)

DSC_0258 DSC_0247

flood in the old city of Hebron

flood in the old city of Hebron

Dear Friends,

We at Women in Hebron wanted to check in with those of you closest to us and share some about the tragic events that have occurred recently in our community.
This week a rainstorm flooded the Old City souk of Hebron. This storm would not affect the infrastructure in your communities like it did here, but because the drainage channels have been closed by the Israeli settlers who have also forbidden the Hebron Municipality from improving the existing infrastructure, a meter of thick mud and 1.5 meters of dirty water overwhelmed our shops. More than half of our stock in the shops was affected. On our facebook page  are some photos of the damage taken by our volunteer.
The Hebron Municipality built the existing drainage channels in the Old City in 1998 when it was not under the severe closure it suffers today. But during the second Intifada in 2000, the Israeli military installed checkpoint 101, closing passages in the Old City including the main water drainage route. The IDF then blocked an exit from the souk with a metal gate which causes the water to back up behind the gate and flood the shops above.
Despite the efforts of local residents, shopkeepers and the municipality, they have been unable to open these passages or build a new drainage system because according to the Hebron Protocol, the Israelis control the Old City and the role of Palestinian authorities is secondary to them. This was not a “natural” disaster; it was yet another disaster of Occupation and Colonization.
Due to the trauma of seeing years of work destroyed in one night, the health of our shopkeeper, Laila, is suffering. Everyone here at Women in Hebron has been working diligently together to support each other and to recover from this disaster.
We would deeply appreciate any and all support from those outside the Hebron area during this difficult time, including product orders and donations. If you would like to place an order you may peruse the inventory on our website and respond to this email with your order specifications.
If you would like to donate through Paypal please send your billing information to walshmaureen26@yahoo.com
Best wishes,
Women in Hebron