All of our Cooperative members are mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters – and sometimes all of the above! So it comes as no surprise that we were the first Cooperative to offer hand-made plush toy animals, which we call Kuffiyeh Kritters. Kuffiyeh Kritters are some of our most popular items for those looking to share Palestine with the young ones in their life. Each year, we add a new species to our Kuffiyeh Kritter product line. This year’s addition will be out soon. Don’t forget to browse our specialty items – you never know what interesting product might show up at our Cooperative!

Please note that each of our products are unique hand-made items, and will not be identical copies to those shown on our website. We will make every effort to match the specific pattern shown in each photo as possible, unless otherwise asked to. Certain products, especially those ordered in bulk, may take longer to deliver if not readily available in stock. Have a question about a specific product, or do you wish to make a custom order? Contact us and we will respond within a few business days.