The work of Women in Hebron is made possible by our supporters, friends and volunteers from around the world. We are a true community-based organization, and believe that our work is done best when we are joined by others who believe in what we do!

How You Can Support Us

International individuals and organizations are essential to our cooperative’s success. Are you looking for a way to help? Here are some ideas:

Visit us while in Palestine! This is one of the best ways to support our work. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything, we still enjoy sharing sweet tea and conversation with new friends. Everyone is always welcome. 

Ordering products. Purchasing items that fit your needs and interests is an investment into our work as much as it can be personally rewarding. Getting friends and acquaintances together to do a wholesale order will also mean that we are able to offer lower prices on items, as well as being able to help you offset shipping fees.

Put us in contact with media. If you know of bloggers, journalists, filmmakers, or photographers who are interested in covering issues related to Palestine, let them know about us. We are able to provide meaningful and unique stories and interests for them, and expanded media coverage helps us with promoting our work.

Help us find distributors. Putting us in contact with fair-trade shops and Palestinian support organizations in your community. Cold-calling via internet is never as effective as someone who can make the introduction themselves and help us get our products to new networks.

Are you interested in volunteering? Contact Nawal with what you are interested in volunteering, the skills and interests that you will bring, and your time availability.